Quit Smoking

Are you a smoker who wants to stop?

Whether this is your first try at quitting or the next after many unsuccessful attempts – we can help!

Our clinic has a 80% success rate (after one year) with all types of smokers – male or female, multi-pack per day or occasional, new or lifelong habit.

For each client we create a program tailored to their specific situation. For some, smoking is simply a habit that can be treated directly. For others smoking may be a “symptom” of something else.

During your specialized program you will feel what it is like to be a non-smoker, experience the health benefits, and feel the emotional triumph from succeeding. You will taper off your habit until your ‘quitting date’ – when you will leave the habit behind you and begin living smoke-free!

At the clinic we use various techniques to ensure that you do not replace food (or other vices) for your prior smoking habit.

In addition to the wonderful feeling of achievement you will get from ending your smoking habit, you will reap the long-term health and financial benefits.

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